Real Estate Transactions

A Unique Approach

Much of the real estate settlement industry today is based on doing high-volume transactions and form/checklist production. We prepare for settlements differently. Our real estate attorney works “hands-on” with the details of the transaction from initial contract to final closing. We do not think merely taking the seat at the settlement table and letting legal assistants do all the prep work is an adequate client service. Call us old fashioned—but we sleep better knowing the transaction was adequately supervised by true legal professionals. We know where the buck stops.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate clients tend to be knowledgeable and sophisticated in the deals they bring us to expedite and settle. They know that lawyers can be valuable tools in protecting their interests and reaching their business goals but can also submarine an excellent deal by simple inexperience or majoring in the minors. We bring to the table a wealth of business experience in land development, complex financing arrangements, business acquisitions, condominiums and homeowner associations, commercial leases, regulatory and land use issues. We do everything possible to keep your commercial deal or loan settlement on course.

Residential Transactions

Due to recent changes in the industry, we focus on residential transactions in which the buyer already has funds on had to make their purchase (a “cash deal”) or is borrowing the necessary funds from the seller or other private source (a “take back” or “private loan”). Every effort is made to attend to the details, draw the proper documents for the loan and conveyance, and resolve any issues before closing. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, caring and respect.

Title Services

In today’s world of real estate “shortcuts”, many transactions are settled without a proper examination of title. We abstract titles using seasoned examiners, and make sure we—and more importantly you– know what you are buying from a title point of view. Our efforts are backed by a longstanding National Title Insurance Company, for which we are authorized to issue title insurance commitments and final policies.

Real Estate Disputes

In our imperfect world, the high value of real estate sometimes generates disputes. Wehave been involved with the resolution of a myriad of real estate issues. To give a short list: title problems, severance of jointly–owned property, deeded and prescriptive easements, boundary line issues, leasehold issues, adverse possession, contractual disputes, defective construction, condominium bylaw issues—such matters frequently receive our attention. There are not many local firms that offer both transactional expertise and litigation support in real estate matters. This unique blend enables us to more fully serve our real estate clients.