A Business Law Firm Serving Businesses in Salisbury and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Helping Establish New Businesses

The Law Office of John C. Seipp values its relationships with its business clients, offering a broad array of business legal services. From the smallest fledging business to the long-established business concern, we can handle most any legal matter that businesses encounter. Setting up Limited Liability Companies, drafting Operating Agreements, preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation, drafting Bylaws, Stock Certificates, Organizational Minutes, Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements, Succession Plans, Partnership Agreements, Resolutions and Articles of Dissolution—are all services we regularly offer.

Serving Ongoing Business Needs

Meeting the ongoing legal needs and challenges of our business clients—Contracts, Leases, Employment Agreements, Non-competition Agreements, personnel issues, real estate transactions, stock transactions, dispute resolution, secured and unsecured financing— these are integral business services we regularly provide.

Facilitating Business Purchases

Buying or selling an existing business? We can aid you. We can help you negotiate the terms of the deal, work with your accountants and brokers, prepare Letters of Intent, Purchase Agreements, Employment, Non-Competition and Consulting agreements. We help you navigate the details of commercial closings, de-stressing the process with legal understanding, insight, persistence and patience. We realize that over-lawyering can smother a good deal, but lack of attention to important details can spell disaster. We strive to balance caution and risk avoidance with boldness and ingenuity– to make the transaction happen in a way that benefits our client.

Business Litigation

Litigation, unfortunately, can impact even the best run businesses. Customers may fail to pay their bills or become dissatisfied with the client’s product or service. Insurance companies fail to fulfill their obligations. Other businesses act unethically; and the client needs a remedy. Government bureaucracy gets in the way, or oversteps its proper boundaries. The list of possible disputes is endless. We focus on negotiating a peaceful and efficient resolution whenever possible. But, when litigation is filed against our client or must as a last resort be filed by our client, we are ready to support the client through difficult and complex legal proceedings, including lawsuits, arbitrations and mediations.

Thriving Businesses

Thriving, proactive and prosperous businesses return to us again and again for advice and assistance. Let us prove to your business our worth, by granting us the privilege to address its concerns.